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Angled Roof Vent

$71.05 Incl. Gst
Angled Caravan Roof Vent Angled Caravan Roof Vent – 660mm x 660mm

Colostrum tank

$921.85 Incl. Gst
This tank comes with 1 x lift top lid at the top. Tank comes with a 2″ spinweld fitting flush

Commander Seat

$118.96 Incl. Gst
a larger seat for big boats

Deluxe Bait Board

$71.00 Incl. Gst
This is our Deluxe bait board! Perfect for filleting small-medium sized fish. This board comes with cup holders and dividers

Double Cab Tool Box

$459.90 Incl. Gst
2 x lids with hasp & staple 1480 L x 450 W x 550 H 1000 between wheel arch

Econo Seats

$55.41 Incl. Gst
smaller seats for dinghies In white, grey or custom colours 380mm W x 330mm D x 300mm H

Fence Feeder

$141.63 Incl. Gst
The Fence Feeder hooks over top rail of fence to make it easy to feed livestock. Ideal for Horses, Calves, Alpacas, Llamas, Ratites, Ostriches, Emus, Etc Size: 800mm L x 700mm H x 350mm Deep

Flat Deck Tool Box

$412.40 Incl. Gst
2 x lids with hasp & staple 1320 L x 450 W x 400 H

Flat Vent

$71.05 Incl. Gst
Flat Caravan Roof Vent – 640mm x 640mm

Gabled Dog House

$144.28 Incl. Gst
The perfect house for your dog. Green only stocked 800mm L x 750mm H x 500mm W

Grease Traps

$618.91$2,599.39 Incl. Gst
Tuff Grease Trap made from polyethelene. Removable top lid Ideal for small to medium shops, commercial kitchen operations, workshops or factories
The 125 ltr model has a 50mm threaded inlet/outlet or a 100mm drainage fitting. All larger models have a 100mm fitting. The 250 litre and 500 litre models have to be buried for support. All models are recommended for Outdoor use only

Kidney Pond

$149.35$250.00 Incl. Gst
Garden Water Ponds for inclusion in water gardens, backyards & water features as fish ponds, turtle ponds, lily ponds etc. Kidney shaped. Small 1420mm L x 780mm W x 360mm Deep. Large 1600mm L x 1080mm W x 570mm Deep