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Angled Roof Vent

$71.05 Incl. Gst
Angled Caravan Roof Vent Angled Caravan Roof Vent – 660mm x 660mm

Flat Vent

$71.05 Incl. Gst
Flat Caravan Roof Vent – 640mm x 640mm

Water Tanks & Wastewater Tanks

$68.89$308.78 Incl. Gst
Tanks for RV’s, Motorhomes, Caravans, Mobile Homes, Food and Drink Vending Vehicles, Horse floats, Boats, Yachts and Marine Vessels. Can be used for:
  • Storage of clean, fresh drinking water
  • Holding tanks and wheeled totes for grey, black water, wastewater and sewage disposal
  • Horse washing water storage (typically 80 litre holding tanks), and horse drinking water for horse floats
Potable Water and Food Contact grade Polyethylene with Ultraviolet Long Life Protection from the Sun, Spinweld fittings can be added anywhere you like on this tank for $15 each fitting. Disclaimer: Photos of these tanks show blank fittings.  The tanks comes standard with the fittings stated for each item. If you would like the tank to come as the picture shows (no fittings) please contact us to confirm. We have more sizes available which are non-stock items but can be made to order (approx. 3 day wait).  Please enquire with our friendly team to see if we have anything in stock that may suit which is not advertised here.