Marine Seating – For Dinghies to Large Boats

Our rigid plastic seating is suitable for chairs and helm seats in any size boat – dinghies, fishing and recreational boating, tour operator vessels, yachts and pleasure cruisers. Our seats have also been used in farm machinery and for tractor seating, for seats in forklifts and in trucks as replacement parts

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Commander Seat

$118.96 Incl. Gst
a larger seat for big boats

Econo Seats

$55.41 Incl. Gst
smaller seats for dinghies In white, grey or custom colours 380mm W x 330mm D x 300mm H


$35.43 Incl. Gst
This unique and patented product is everything you ever wanted in a seat swivel. It is hard-wearing and comes with

The Statesman

$126.64 Incl. Gst

Tinny Seat

$55.41 Incl. Gst
slightly larger seats for more comfort