Bait Boards, Fish Cutting & Filleting Boards, Pole Mounts

Our range of boards is suitable for dinghies to larger boats
and for small and large fish. We also manufacture pole mounts that fit standard rod holders

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Deluxe Bait Board

$71.00 Incl. Gst
This is our Deluxe bait board! Perfect for filleting small-medium sized fish. This board comes with cup holders and dividers

Large Bait Board

$64.88 Incl. Gst
Large bait board for those who like to cut up big fish. Dimensions are: 790mm x 400mm x 50mm All

Standard Bait Board

$53.03 Incl. Gst
This bait board is perfect for a small fishing vessel to carve bait and fillet fish. Comes with a small