Boat seats and pedestals, fish bins and bait boards for your boat. Need to upgrade your boat we may have the plastic solution for you, we can also organise upholstery for boat seats. Need a customised option, just ask.

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Commander Seat

$118.96 Incl. Gst
a larger seat for big boats

Deluxe Bait Board

$71.00 Incl. Gst
This is our Deluxe bait board! Perfect for filleting small-medium sized fish. This board comes with cup holders and dividers

Econo Seats

$55.41 Incl. Gst
smaller seats for dinghies In white, grey or custom colours 380mm W x 330mm D x 300mm H

King Queen Pedestal

$279.65 Incl. Gst
King & Queen Pedestal Measurements: 550mm x 900mm x 500mm ***Full measurements are on the second photo*** This pedestal has

Large Bait Board

$64.88 Incl. Gst
Large bait board for those who like to cut up big fish. Dimensions are: 790mm x 400mm x 50mm All

Live Bait Tank

$119.99 Incl. Gst
A must if you like your bait really fresh 630mm L x 400mm W x 300mm H

Low Pedestal

$101.97 Incl. Gst
Low Pedestal Lower pedestal for smaller boat


$35.43 Incl. Gst
This unique and patented product is everything you ever wanted in a seat swivel. It is hard-wearing and comes with

Standard Bait Board

$53.03 Incl. Gst
This bait board is perfect for a small fishing vessel to carve bait and fillet fish. Comes with a small

Standard Fish Bins

$132.35 Incl. Gst
with lids that can double as seats and with optional squabs 700mm L x 450 W x 400mm H

The Statesman

$126.64 Incl. Gst
traditional bucket seat